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Under the Oklahoma Education Open Transfer Act, school districts must set their capacity for out-of-district transfers by January 1 of each year, and publish quarterly updates as to how many open seats are available under that capacity policy. These will be updated as transfer spots fill on a first come first serve.


The State Student Transfer Online Application or the State Transfer Request Form must be fully completed and submitted with all required documents before it will be considered. The required documents will need to be obtained from your child’s current school. By law school districts are required to provide student records on the request of a parent or legal guardian.

Required Documents

  • State Student Transfer Online Application 
  • Attendance Record
  • Behavior Record
  • Report card for grades PK-8 and transcript for grades 9-12
  • Special Education (IEP) (if applicable)
  • English Learner WIDA-ACCESS scores (if applicable)

The application will be complete when the application and all applicable required documents have been submitted.  The required documents may be submitted to the Union Enrollment Center in person or by e-mail to  At that point, the application is date/time stamped and processed for approval on a first-come, first-served basis.

Transfers to Union will be approved according to Board of Education Policy 5500.  The transfer openings listed in the Transfer Opening document do not apply to certain educational programs, English Learner classes, and special education classes.  Approval of transfer requests for students who require special education, English Learner, or other educational services will be based on available capacity in the applicable program as stated in the policy.  Students may be denied a transfer based on attendance and behavior as stated in the policy.

Parents will be notified of the approval (or denial) of transfer requests in writing and notification by the State Department of Education.  When a transfer application has been approved, the student will either be granted an immediate transfer for enrollment or placed on a waiting list for the next available transfer opening.

For immediate transfers: when a transfer is granted, the student has five school days upon notification of the transfer availability to begin attending school at Union, or the opening will be offered to another student. 


Transfers For Next School Year

For transfer applications for the following school year, approved transfers will be placed on a waiting list and parents will be informed by July 31 of each summer if there is an opening available.